Event-driven Interactive Solid Sound Synthesis

Authors: Verron C., Aramaki M., Gonot A., Scotti T., Rakovec C.E., Mingasson A., Kronland-Martinet R.
Publication Date: October 2013
Journal: Proceedings of the 0th International Symposium on Computer Music Multidisciplinary Research (CMMR 2013) (p. 960-966, Marseille, France, 15-18 October 2013)

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This paper describes a framework for interactive solid sounds in virtual environments. In an offline stage, the finite element method is used to pre-compute the modal responses of objects impacted at several locations. At runtime, contact/collision events from the game engine are used to drive excitation functions simulating impacts, rolling or friction interactions at audio rate. These functions are filtered by modal filterbanks simulating object resonances. Collision location is taken into account to modify the amplitude of resonant filters in real-time. This approach is appropriate for reproducing impact, rolling and friction interactions between objects. Results are illustrated by a real-time demonstration using the Blender Game Engine and Max/MSP.