Semiotics of Sounds Evoking Motions: Categorization and Acoustic Features

Authors: Merer A., Ystad S., Kronland-Martinet R., Aramaki M.
Publication Date: December 2008
Journal: Computer Music Modeling and Retrieval - Sense of Sounds (LNCS vol. 4969, pp. 139-158, Springer-Verlag Heidelberg, 2008)

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The current study is part of a larger project aiming at offering intuitive mappings of control parameters piloting synthesis models by semantic descriptions of sounds, i.e. simple verbal labels related to various feelings, emotions, gestures or motions. Hence, this work is directly related to the general problem of semiotics of sounds. We here put a special interest in sounds evoking different perceived motions.
In this paper, the experimental design of the listening tests is described and the results obtained from behavioural data are discussed. Then a set of signal descriptors is compared to categories using feature selection methods. A special interest is given to applications for sound synthesis.
Key words: sound semiotics, motion, categorization, sound synthesis



Typical Sounds of category “Rotate”

Typical Sounds of category “Pass by”

Typical Sounds of category “Fall down”

Typical Sounds of category “Go up”

Typical Sounds of category “Approach”