Richard Kronland-Martinet

ORCID ID: 0000-0002-7325-4920





1989    Doctorat d’Etat ès Sciences (habilitation), Université Aix-Marseille II, CNRS – LMA (French National Center for Scientific Research – Laboratoire de Mécanique et d’Acoustique), France.

1983    PhD, Université Aix-Marseille II, CNRS – LMA, France.

1981    MSc (DEA) in Acoustics, Université Aix-Marseille II, UFR Sciences Luminy, France.

1979    BSc in Theoretical Physics, Université Aix-Marseille II, UFR Sciences Luminy, France.



1998 – now     Directeur de recherche (Research Director), CNRS – LMA, Marseille France.

1986 – 1996   Chargé de recherche (Researcher), CNRS – LMA, Marseille France. Appointment by national competition.

1985 – 1986   R&D Engineer, DIGILOG SA, Les Milles France.

1984 – 1985   High school teacher in Physics, Marseille France.



– 2016 Nominated by the ANR (French National Research Agency) for the “ANR Digital award” in the “societal impact” category.

– 2014 Winner of the ANR 2014 call for proposals for the SoniMove project (0.8MEuros) coordinated by R. Kronland-Martinet.

– 2013 Winner of the best scientific paper of DAFx’13 award for « Conan S., Thoret E., Aramaki M., Derrien O., Gondre C., Kronland-Martinet R., and Ystad S. “Navigating in a Space of Synthesized Interaction-Sounds: Rubbing, Scratching and Rolling Sounds”.

– 2012 The book “Ystad, S., Aramaki, M., Kronland-Martinet, R.; Jensen, K.; and Mohanty, S. (Eds.) Speech, sound and music processing: embracing research in India, LNCS 7172, Springer” was considered by the ACM as the “top best items published in computing in 2012”.

– 2012 The MetaSon project was ranked as a flagship project by the ANR evaluation committee.

– 2010 Winner of the ANR 2010 call for proposals for the MetaSon project (1MEuros) coordinated by R. Kronland-Martinet.

– 2004 The Cosmophone™ ( was chosen as a major work to be presented to the 20 heads of state and government members supporting the CERN in Geneva in the context of the 50th anniversary of CERN.

– 2001 Award granted to the Cosmophone™ (invented and patented by R. Kronland-Martinet and C. Vallée) by the selection board of the “Cité des Sciences et de l’Industrie” in Paris, involving an installation in its permanent exhibition area (still hosted).

– 2001 DGA’s research award winner: funding for one year at Berkeley University (invited by prof. D. Wessel, dep. CNMAT) and Stanford University (invited by Prof. J. O. Smith).

– 1999 Winner of the “Scientific and Creation” prize conferred by the French Ministry of Education and Scientific Research and awarded by the French Academy of Sciences.

– 1991 DGRST’s research award winner: funding for one year at Stanford University (invited by prof. J. Chowning, dep. CCRMA).



Since 2007: head of the Master’s degree in Acoustics at Aix-Marseille University and Ecole Centrale Marseille (

From 1989 until now: classes at the graduate level in audio signal processing, time-frequency representations and general acoustics at the Aix-Marseille University, Toulon-Var University, Pierre et Marie Curie (Paris 6) University, Ecole Centrale Marseille, ISEN Toulon.



In 2003, I initiated the cycle of CMMR conferences – Computer Music Multidisciplinary Research – in collaboration with researchers at the Aalborg University, Denmark. Since then, I have headed the steering committee and have been strongly involved in the past 12 organizing committees ( as a general chair, program or paper chair.

I also regularly serve as a member of technical program committees in other conferences such as ArtsIT, ICMC, INTETAIN, SMC.


INSTITUTIONAL RESPONSIBILITIES (focusing on the latest ones)

– 1999 until now: Science manager for 31 industrial centers (among them: Peugeot-Citroën Automobiles, Orange labs, Centre National de la Cinématographie (CNC), GENESIS SA, DIGILOG SA, Aviation Civile, Centre Technique du Bois et de l’Ameublement (CTBA), …).

– 2010 until now: Member of the Scientific Advisory Board of the Acoustical Research Institute-ARI- (Vienna, Austria). Appointed by the Austrian Academy of Sciences.

– 2008 until now: Member of the Commission of Specialists of « Computer science, Control and Signal processing » at the Aix-Marseille University.

– 2008 until now: head of the Master’s degree in Acoustics (Aix-Marseille University and Ecole Centrale Marseille).

– 2015: Member of the Specialist Commission (full professor promotion) at Telecom ParisTech.

– 2014: Project leader for the creation ex nihilo of the interdisciplinary laboratory PRISM: “Perception, Representation, Image, Sound, Music”. The lab will officially open in January 2017.

– 2008: Task officer for the revision of the Master’s degree program in Acoustics (Aix-Marseille University and Ecole Centrale Marseille).

– 2000: I founded and headed (until 2012) the “Modeling, Synthesis and Control of Sounds and Musical Signals” research group (now the “audio group”) at the CNRS-LMA laboratory (18 scientists on average).

– 1985-1989: Deputy director of the RCP (Cooperative research program) « Wavelets ». This very first cluster focusing on wavelet transforms played a key role in the development of the wavelet theory.

– Numerous missions (expertise works for ANR, OSEO, RIAM, Ville de Paris, Digiteo-DigiCosme, CNC, …, member of laboratory evaluation committees mandated by the AERES, corresponding scientist for national and international cooperations, member of the laboratory council of the LMA for 8 years, …).

– Consultancy missions: Science & Tec (regular since 1991), DIGILOG SA, TOTAL Inc., Saint-Gobain Inc., SECAV SA, Eurocopter Inc.



– 2001-2002: One year at the University of Berkeley (dep. CNMAT, Prof D. Wessel) and Stanford University (dep. CCRMA, Prof. J.O. Smith). This stay constituted a turning point in my career towards interdisciplinary research associating human perception and digital audio processing.

– 1990-1991: One year at Stanford University (dep. CCRMA, Prof. J. Chowning). This stay was intended to evaluate the new possibilities offered by wavelet transform in audio signal processing as compared with earlier procedures and to establish relationships between audio signal processing and physical models.