Auditory Time-Frequency Masking: Psychoacoustical Data and Application to Audio Representations

Authors: Necciari T., Balazs P., Kronland-Martinet R., Ystad S., Savel S., Meunier S.
Publication Date: March 2011


Presented at the 8th international symposium on Computer Music Modeling and Retrieval (CMMR 2011), Bhubaneswar, India, March 2011.

Sound examples

Example 1 (x1(t)): Sum of two Gaussians with frequency shift (ΔF) of +4 ERB units and time shift (ΔT) of 10 ms. Masker SPL (LM) = 80 dB, target SPL (LT) = 50 dB; target is not masked.

  • Input of the irrelevance time-scale filter

  • Output of the filter

Example 2 (x2(t)): Sum of two Gaussians with ΔF = -2 ERB units and ΔT = 5 ms. LM = 80 dB, LT = 15 dB; target is masked.

  • Input

  • Output

Example 3 (x3(t)): Musical sound. Clarinet playing the note A3.

  • Input

  • Output