Richard Kronland-Martinet


Richard Kronland-Martinet has a scientific background in theoretical physics with a specialization in acoustics. In 1983 he obtained a PhD from the University of Aix-Marseille II for his work on synchronous active control of mechanical vibrations using digital synthesis processes, and in 1989 a Doctorate of Science (Habilitation Research) for his work on analysis, synthesis and processing of sounds by time-frequency and time-scale (wavelet) approaches. Since 1998 he is Director of Research at the CNRS, where he founded the group “Modeling, Synthesis and Control of Sounds and Musical Signals”, at the Laboratory of Mechanics and Acoustics of Marseille in 2000. He is also the head of the speciality Acoustics within the Master degree program « Mechanics, Physics and Engineering », jointly directed by the Aix-Marseille Univ. and the Ecole Centrale Marseille.

Since 2014 he is leading the creation ex nihilo of the interdisciplinary laboratory PRISM: “Perception, Representation, Image, Sound, Music” that will start in January 2017.


His scientific activity concerns the science of sounds addressed from a multidisciplinary sight. He has been an important actor in the development of time-scale analysis methods and in their use for analysis, processing and synthesis of sound signals and music. The combination of physical concepts and methods of non-stationary signal processing has enabled him to develop many synthesis paradigms, especially for instrumental sounds (piano, flute) but also for environmental sounds. His interest in perceptual and cognitive aspects associated with sounds have more recently led him to undertake research on the intuitive control of sounds over the process able to reproduce perceptual effects corresponding to high-level attributes. All his work has resulted in the publication of more than 100 articles in international peer reviewed journals, the publication of more than 140 articles in international conference proceedings and the co-edition of 9 books. He was the organizer or co-organizer of 18 international scientific conferences and has directed and co-directed 24 PhD theses.


His scientific work has resulted in many partnerships with international academic groups (Stanford University – USA, UC Berkeley – USA, McGill University – Canada, University of Copenhagen – Denmark, University of Newcastle – Australia, …), and also with industrials with whom he has been the scientific leader of several contracts with both large and medium companies (Orange-France Telecom, PSA Peugeot Citroen, Saint Gobain, Total, Eurocopter SA Digilog, Genesis, erjie-electronics, … ).


His interest in public communication has led him to participate in many events (roundtables, scientific films, public lectures). He is the co-inventor of the « Cosmophone », a patented installation for detection and 3D sound reproduction of cosmic particles, an audio application of augmented reality for which he composed in addition the accompanying music. The Cosmophone is part of the permanent installations at the “Cité des Sciences et de l’Industrie” of La Villette in Paris. It has been presented during several major events (for instance during the fiftieth anniversary of CERN, the year of physics, the year of astronomy, …) and was awarded the “Creation” award from the French Ministry of Education, Research and Technology in 1999.